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you just hit Ghana's first free-of-charge online community for backpackpackers, travellers and all guys watching out for suitable places to stay.

As we realised, Ghana has so many amazing places to go to, which are not properly presented on the net and, therefore, hard to find or get in touch with. The main intention of I'mComing.info is to bridge this gap in Ghana and to offer all guesthouses a fair chance of getting found on the net.

We are currently travelling along the coast of Ghana, giving introductions to lodge owners in order to cover as many places as possible. We started from Ada Foah over Keta, Dzita and are now on our way to the western coast of Ghana.

I'mComing.info is now in stage 1, capable of hosting standardized websites for anyone who runs accomodation for tourists and/or temporary residents. Anyone can sign in, lodge owners as well as travellers. Present yourself and your offers; link up to others; search for others who plan trips to the same destination within Ghana and join them. Leave geographically referenced information for others around places, noone has been to before.

Samples of how this website (in stage 1) can be used by travellers to share geographical and trip information among others, visit these two sample profiles: I'mComing.info is expanding daily and will be the travellers no. 1 information site soon. wait small ;-)

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